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Be sure your new garage door installation pack includes 2 standard garage door openers. Most manufacturers include two remotes with their automatic garage doors.

There is little doubt that having a garage has a great many advantages, including improved safety of your automobile and possibly even a reduction in car insurance premiums. One drawback of having that tightly sealed and safe garage, however, is lifting those heavy garage doors every time you want to drive in our out. Lifting the garage doors can be a real challenge, especially when the weather outside is bad, and many homeowners eventually realize just how much of a convenience a quality garage door really is.

Imagine if you had to lift a heavy garage door in inclement weather

2 remote operators are standard now

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These days we might be hard-pressed in finding anyone who actually remembers the days when automatic garage doors didn't exist and people had to get out of the vehicle, physically lift the garage door to open it and then return to the vehicle to drive it in. Automation provides such a convenience that many simply can't live without.

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